THis is an Innovate UK funded project for Ghana.

Normal manual peeling & processing of Cassava

Helping reduce the 40% Crop loss of Cassava each year – designing the Hammer Mill to grind, crush, dry & process the Cassava roots powered by Solar PV panels.

Good progress has been made in the first phases of this project – we are at Q3 in a Q6 programme.

NRI – Lead Technical partner

Greenwich University – NRI lead Technical partner
Progress with project
FRI partner in Ghana
NRI design of the Hammer Mill sent to FPE partner in Accra for manufacture & Construction
Solar PV installation at FRI building in Accra to power the Hammer Mill
it is our intention to try and roll-out this Solar PV / Hammer Mill project throughout Ghana in a $100 million Solar PV Mini Grid system / One District – One Factory Presidential programme – Village cooperatives.

Cooperative – Overview Prepared by Ghanaian Department of Cooperatives

What is a Cooperative? – A Cooperative is a group of people who: build it, own it, vote for it, control it and benefit from it.

Millions of people in many countries around the world today have organized to provide themselves with good and services in a cooperativeway. These organizations are called Cooperative Societies and there are many types in Ghana.

These organizations have been classified into four distinct categories:

1. Agricultural cooperatives are engaged in food production, processing and marketing.

2. Industrial cooperatives are involved in rural cottage industries such as local alcohol distillation, handi crafts, Kente weaving, cloth dying and manufacturing, etc.

3. Financial cooperatives are engaged in savings mobilization in both rural and suburban areas. For example: micro-loan banks, credit unions and „susu‟ collectors.

4. Service cooperatives are involved in the service industry such as transport, consumer societies, etc.

Thus, a cooperative is made up of people who are united with the purpose of mutual self-help and are organized for other economic and social objectives with the intent to be based on equality and equity. They must provide the people with necessary goods and services or make joint use of their available resources top increase their income.

The International cooperative Alliance, i.e. The World Umbrella Cooperative Organization, defines a cooperativeas an “autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs of aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically controlled enterprise.” Our Cassava Hammer Mill will benefit these Cooperatives.

Cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast