Waste to Energy project


Ten Gasification Waste to Energy plants for  Ghana - Six for ACCRA & Four for Kumasi - each 500 tonnes per day. PSECC Ltd have produced all project feasibility studies and negotiated with the Government of Ghana and also produced a toolkit for waste management in Ghana.  Proposal and contract documents are now with the Government for consideration.

$900 million for all Ten plants & 400 Trucks -  investment and EPC being arranged by PSECC Ltd via AlsetPower Company Inc & US EXIMBANK.


Further ZERO to Landfill projects being developed in Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Turkey & Bulgaria.







Zambia - Waste-to-Energy Plants


         500MW of Solar Farms / Mini Grids & Wind Farms

PSECC Ltd has partnered the Zambian based "Bright Future Project" and the National Keep Zambia Clean Board to help bring Sustainable Waste Management & Recycling to Zambia together with Renewable Energy fro increased Sustainable electricity production for the peoples of Zambia. This will also help reduce crop wastage as a result of upto ten hours outages of electricity and not being able to irrigate crops.


The project has gained the backing of OPPPI & Lusaka City Council and negotiations being filalised with the Permanent Secretary of the minisrty of finance.


Expected build date December 2020.







20MW Solar Farm


This solar farm is in the Central region of Ghana at Simbrofo. We have produced all project feasibity studies and again negotiated with the Government of Ghana.

$22 million investment and EPC being arranged by PSECC Ltd


Project on hold due to PPA position and Government negotiations.




10MW Solar Farm at Konza

We have been developing the Konza Solar Farm in collaboration with the University of Riara. PSECC Ltd produced all the project feasibility studies and negotiated with Riara University and the Government of Kenya. Funding and EPC currently being looked into.


Project has now been bought by Riara University for development.




Sustainable Market buildings

The first project - PSECC Ltd have given financial advice for the developer to approach PFAN & Climate Invest to obtain funding for the piolet project, also Innovate Uk was recommended. Once the first project has been build it could be rolled out throughout Malawi with a 200 market development plan, assisted by PSECC Ltd partners for funding & EPC.

To prevent crop loss and food going to waste PSECC Ltd are assisting a Durham University project to build sustainable markets for food produce to be stored at the end of each day to prevent continued food rotting. Chillers and Solar PV to power each market.



Other Development projects

We have been active in Africa since 2012 and are developing solar farms in Kenya, Ghana, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan, India and Cambodia.

PSECC & the University of Greenwich in August 2019 had been successful in our application to Innovate Uk for a Grant under the Agri-Tech Round 8 for a Cassava Flour production factory in Ghana to be redesigned and powered by Solar PV.


Waste Plants

Ghana project

Two new Gasification Energy plants for ACCRA & Kumasi

Solar Farm

Simbrofo Ghana


Solar Farms being developed in Ghana at Simbrofo & Kenya at Konza. PSECC Ltd are also arranging funding options for a 1,000 MW pipeline of solar farm and wind farm projects in Vietnam.

Cassava Flour

University of Greenwich - PSECC Ltd 2019

collaboration project - Ghana

Grant allocation from Innvoate UK under the Agri-Tech Round 8 programme.

Other projects...

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