Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

We are assisting the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Developer with final negotiations with our funders with regard to arranging £337 million Equity Investment into this first Tidal Lagoon project for Swansea.

The project includes 16 water turbines and a 200MW floating solar farm. Tidal Lagoons have been operational in Northern France for fifty years and Turbine technology is well established.


Koh Kong

A new Shoreline City in Cambodia - Investment negotiations now taking place with project owners - $1.6 Billion investment partners being arranged by PSECC Ltd.

The City will have Waste to Energy plant, Recycling, Water treatment plants together with Solar Farms and Wind Farms.


Other Development projects

We have been active in Africa since 2012 and are developing solar farms in Kenya, Ghana, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan, India and Cambodia.

PSECC & the University of Greenwich in August 2019 had been successful in our application to Innovate Uk for a Grant under the Agri-Tech Round 8 for a Cassava Flour production factory in Ghana to be redesigned and powered by Solar PV.


Waste Plants

Ghana project

Two new Gasification Energy plants for ACCRA & Kumasi

Solar Farm

Simbrofo Ghana


Solar Farms being developed in Ghana at Simbrofo & Kenya at Konza. PSECC Ltd are also arranging funding options for a 1,000 MW pipeline of solar farm and wind farm projects in Vietnam.

Cassava Flour

University of Greenwich - PSECC Ltd 2019

collaboration project - Ghana

Grant allocation from Innvoate UK under the Agri-Tech Round 8 programme.

Other projects...

For details of other projects together with some credentials please reveiw this link....