1.5 Degree C Consistent pathways

Circular Economy

Utilise all waste and natural resources such as Wind, Solar radiation, Biomass, water in a society - produce electricity & heat together with revenue streams.

Break the stranglehold of the big six suppliers – British Gas, Scottish Power, npower, EDF, E.ON and SSE – which hold about 78% of the market. Council & Community owned Renewable Energy projects can produce revenues streams to help with fuel poverty.

Councils and communities need to work together to make possible a Circular Economy and transition into a 1.5 Degree C Consistent pathway.

Funding can be made available for either partly owned Energy plants or partially Council owned schemes. FREE resources such as the energy in waste produced in a Council area, wind, Solar radiation and water energy - Circular Economy producing more Renewable Energy PSECC have EPC company partners & funders who can make this possible.