Climate Change Mitigation

Twenty three years experience in Energy & Renewable's.   We have Researched and written one of the first UK City Energy Policies in 1995 under Agenda 21 Sustainable Energy programming. PSECC are Technical Advisors to the Government of Ghana and Ghanergize Power Ltd who have signed in July 2018 the first WtE Agreement for Gasification of Waste (MSW) in Ghana. A second project is now being worked on for Incineration of the remianing MSW from ACCRA.

PSECC has been formed to mobilise society into greater action against Climate Change. Assisted by EEC Spolka Z.O.O in Poland together with Alpin Sun GmbH & Natcore Inc in the USA.


 “Climate finance” - The World Bank Group is committed to helping countries around the world meet the climate challenge and provides on average close to $11 billion a year for projects that increase resilience to climate impacts and reduce emissions

PSECC has been a Not for Profit organisation for over five years and has been registered as a limited company PSECC Ltd  in March 2017 for Solar PV UK consultancy work.

We have other Limited companies dealing with Africa Solar Farms namely - PSECC Solar Farms Ltd & Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd UK Ltd.



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Energy Policy & Strategy

We are active in the UK, USA, Kenya, Ghana and Australia. The UK Bank of England & Mark Carney has warned recently that the effect of Climate Change on Global Financial Markets will be huge. Climate Change possess the biggest risk to financial security for the coming generation and Market stability now. He was of course correct but failed to indicate the rise in Renewable Energy, energy efficiency and the mobilisation of the World Leaders in Climate Change Mitigation.

Councils & Society have an extremely difficult task of managing operations, formulating Policy & Strategy to combat Climate Change together with trying to move forward in a Sustainable manner. Often other things just get in the way - vested interest of leaders, too complex an issue to resolve, lack of interest, even corruption, lack of continuity and short sightednes . Our Resource Ownership is one answer that will assist Society to be more Sustainable.

PSECC Ltd have been appointed as Technical Advisors to the New Government of Ghana on Waste Management. November 2017 PSECC were approached by project delivery partner Jerry Turner, acting for the government of Ghana, to come up with Sustainable Waste Management solutions to their 5 million tonnes per year of MSW. In January 2018 agreement reached with the Government to proceed with new Waste-to-Energy Centres in the Country together with Engineered Sanitised Landfill site and waste transfer stations.


PSECC Ltd have partnered in Ghana with MMW WORLD Ltd - The SPV owning company, Registered in ACCRA Ghana for the 50MW Solar Farm at NSUTA-BUEM - Kadjebi - Volta Region of Ghana. We also have a 20MW Solar Farm project at Simbrofo in Central Region of Ghana and are awaiting it;s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) approximately June / July 2018.

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Renewable Energy

The old LGMB advised Councils to concentrate on Energy Efficiency first, which is correct BUT Renewable Energy development should also have the same importance and often Planning departments are not focusing on the Climate Change issues and making poor long term unsustainable decisions. Greed & Power play their adverse part in mitigation against Climate Change together with lack of understanding the issue correctly and lack of education together with training. New UK legislation will be brought into force to make companies in the UK limit the amount of Carbon Emissions from their activities.

We assist in New Producer Development - example the New Back-Contact Solar Cells - Natcore Inc - New York and New Integrated Waste Management Technologies.

Our Countries of Development - 






We have been pioneering solar farm developments in Africa since 2012. In Ghana We have submited a FiT payment of $0.0886 per KWh for our 20MW solar farm at Simbrofo in the Central region of Ghana and hope to get a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in place by the end of November 2017. A Provisional License was granted and issued on the 20th December 2016. PPA draft issued in November 2017 agreed upon late November and a Sovereign Guarantee (PCOA) requested from the Ministry of Finance in December 2017. Possible Build start date of January / February 2018 & operational October or

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Our experience


Twenty three years experience in Energy, Renewable's & Waste.       We have Researched and written one of the first UK City Energy Policies in 1995 under Agenda 21 Sustainable Energy programming. We have to assess risks to investment and political stability of a Country or client and Energy company Off Tacker together with PPA and FIT payments before we can finance a project.

We were until five years ago a Not-for-Profit organisation and then launched PSECC Ltd & PSECC Solar Farms Ltd and Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd in Ghana and the UK.


We develop Solar Farms and provide full funding and technology providers for EPC


PSECC Ltd are amongst the first developers in Ghana and Kenya together with the USA and Australia for Solar Farms in those Countries.



Reduction to Landfill by 100% - Zero Emissions

Since 1997 PSECC have pioneered new Waste Management practices and technologies such as Gasification of Waste & Integrated Waste Management Plants. Our plants come with 100% funding packages.

Waste Management in Developing Countries & beyond - Gasification & Integrated Waste Management Plants. We are Technical Advisors to Ghanergize Power Ltd - First Ghana WtE plant goes live - July 2018


Since 1997 PSECC have pioneered new Waste Management practices and technologies such as Gasification of Waste & Integrated Waste Management Plants - totally 100% funded.  Upto 70% funding available from Oman and a further 30% funding via Ghanalight.


In 2017 PSECC Ltd have partnered with the USA company Natcore Inc in New York USA to take forward Solar Farms developments.

PSECC Solar farms are also active in Australia.


Chinese solar farm
Gas 27

PSECC Solar Farms Ltd

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Ghanergize Power Ltd

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Ghana- 100MW Solar Farm Volta Region

Two 50MW Solar Farms at NSUTA-BUEM - Kadjebi

Ghana- 20MW Solar Farm at Simbrofo

20MW Solar Farm at Simbrofo in Central Region