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PSECC - we are facilitators and will assist Governments & Councils meet the 1.5 Degree C Consistent pathway by Low Carbon technology provision & funding to assist a Circular Economic model. 

We have been active in the UK from 1995 onwards and active in  Africa - Kenya & Ghana since 2012. We are building and funding Solar Farms and Solar Mini Grid systems in Ghana and arranged a 10MW Solar Farm for Riara University at Konza & 2MW Solar Farm in Mombassa. We are also active in Botswana, DR Congo, Nigeria & India and hope to develop Mini Grid Solar PV systems & Solar Farms with our funding & EPC partners.

We offer to arrange large scale project funding to make possible a Low Carbon Technology deployment – 1.5 Degree C Consistent pathway for the South of England and also on an International basis.

Our funders are from UK, USA, Netherlands and Chinese sources who are ready to invest in Low Carbon projects and also large scale infrastructure projects when needed. All projects must be bankable and show a good IRR & ROI.


The recent UN IPCC report indicates that to reach the 1.5 degree C Consistent Pathway then a robust - cross societal approach is required. The UK are currently only at a level of 35% emission reduction on Pre industrial levels of Carbon Dioxide levels.


To get to the required 1.5 degree C Consistent Pathway then an emission reduction of between 80% - 85% by 2050 is a requirement. PSECC are here to assist clients in meeting these objectives.



Some of our clients have been the UN REPP, UK Schools, Hampshire County Council, Ghana Government to name but a few & current partners in the waste sector also are NCE in Oman and General Electric (GE) in the USA. Past partners have been the UN REPP & UKTi, British Gas and we have worked with SSE, PowerGen, Onyx, OKay Engineering, Freetricity, Arup, Sunpower, Scott Wilson, Mott McDonald, Dulas, Carbon Trust, Vital Energie and Atkins Power. We are hoping to assist Greentech South in the UK with possible funding avenues and Renewable Energy projects.


PSECC Ltd can assist Councils in the UK & Countries internationally to meet these targets by working with them on Renewable Energy projects and if required provide funding mechanisms to show how a Council can gain significant revenue generation whilst adopting a 1.5 Degree C Consistent Pathway.


Twenty three years experience in Energy & Renewable's.   We have Researched and helped write one of the first UK City Energy Policies in 1995 under Agenda 21 Sustainable Energy programming for Portsmouth City Council. PSECC are Technical Advisors to the Government of Ghana and Ghanergize Power Ltd who have signed in July 2018 the first WtE Agreement for Gasification of Waste (MSW) in Ghana & Kumasi (eigh plants in total - $2.4 billion). The second project at Kumasi is also underway, now being worked on for Waste-to-Energy of the MSW from ACCRA and PSECC Ltd are looking at Kumasi & Accra to make a statement of what is possible in a Developing Nation for Sustainable Waste Management of MSW.


PSECC has been formed to mobilise society into greater action against Climate Change.


“Climate finance” - The World Bank Group is committed to helping countries around the world meet the climate challenge and provides on average close to $11 billion a year for projects that increase resilience to climate impacts and reduce emissions. To reach the 1.5 Degree C Consistent Patyway then between $1.6 & $3.8 Trillion per year investment in Low Carbon technology is required to 2050.

PSECC had been a Not for Profit organisation since 2011 and has been registered as a limited company PSECC Ltd  in March 2017 for our Climate Change work & Renewable Energy development.

We have other Limited companies dealing with Africa Solar Farms namely - PSECC Solar Farms Ltd & Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd UK Ltd.



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Energy Policy & Strategy

We are active in the UK, USA, Kenya, Ghana and Australia. The UK Bank of England & Mark Carney has warned recently that the effect of Climate Change on Global Financial Markets will be huge. Climate Change possess the biggest risk to financial security for the coming generation and Market stability now. He was of course correct but failed to indicate the rise in Renewable Energy, energy efficiency and the mobilisation of the World Leaders in Climate Change Mitigation.


Councils & Society have an extremely difficult task of managing operations, formulating Policy & Strategy to combat Climate Change together with trying to move forward in a Sustainable manner along a 1.5 Degree C Consistent pathway. Often other things just get in the way - vested interest of leaders, too complex an issue to resolve, lack of interest, lack of continuity and short sightedness . Our Resource Ownership is one answer that will assist Society to be more Sustainable and lead to a Circular Economic model.


PSECC Ltd have been appointed as Technical Advisors to the New Government of Ghana on Waste Management. November 2017 PSECC were approached by project delivery partner Jerry Turner, acting for the government of Ghana, to come up with Sustainable Waste Management solutions to their 5 million tonnes per year of MSW. In January 2018 agreement reached with the Government to proceed with new Waste-to-Energy Centres in the Country together with Engineered Sanitised Landfill site and waste transfer stations.


PSECC Ltd have partnered in Ghana with MMW WORLD Ltd - The SPV owning company, Registered in ACCRA Ghana for the 50MW Solar Farm at NSUTA-BUEM - Kadjebi - Volta Region of Ghana. We also have a 20MW Solar Farm project at Simbrofo in Central Region of Ghana and are awaiting it's Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) approximately June / July 2018.

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1.5 Degree C Consistent Pathway


Water Turbines

November 2018 - discussions being opened with Simec Atlantis who own the Seagen technology for potential projects along the South Coast. In 2009 PSECC Ltd had introduced Marine Current Turbines to Hampshire County Council. Siemens bought into Marine current Turbines in 2014 and are major share owner.

2018 - PSECC are working up proposals for Portsmouth City to take advantage of obtaining electricity from this water - Renewable Energy source.

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Biomass or Waste-to-Energy plants CoGen UK


Greentech South

PSECC is a member of Greentech South

As an orgainisation we are here to assist the South in meeting a 1.5 Degree C Consistent pathway inline with the UN IPCC objectives.

We are offering Greentech South build funding for all large scale Renewable Energy projects & large developmet programmes. PSECC would like to colaborate with Greentech South, with them taking the lead with all stakeholders to ensure 1.5 Degree C Consistent pathways are encouraged and undertaken in the South of England.

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Southampton University

Research exploring novel technologies across the full carbon chain

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Renewable Energy & Funding

1.5 Degree C Consistent pathways - The old UK LGMB advised Councils to concentrate on Energy Efficiency first, which is correct BUT Renewable Energy development should also have the same importance and often Planning departments are not focusing on the Climate Change issues and making poor long term unsustainable decisions. Greed & Power play their adverse part in mitigation against Climate Change together with lack of understanding the issue correctly and lack of education together with training.


PSECC can assist each Council in meeting Climate Change targets and bring much needed extra revenues over a twenty year period.  There will be NO requirement for Council funds to be used for our Climate Change Mitigation projects such as Wind Farms, Biomass Energy plants etc to be built.


I.5 Degree C Consistent pathways require robust action - PSECC can offer clients technology providers such a General Electric (GE) together with funding to increase the chances of meeting the consistency pathway.

We also assist in New Producer Development - example the New Back-Contact Solar Cells - Natcore Inc - New York and New Integrated Waste Management Technologies.

Our Countries of Development - 







We have been pioneering solar farm developments in Africa since 2012. In Ghana We have been granted a FiT payment of $0.0886 per KWh for our 20MW solar farm at Simbrofo in the Central region of Ghana and hope to get a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in place by the end of Mid 2019. A Provisional License was granted and issued on the 20th December 2016. The project has the support of the UK Government REPP programme and we are submitting for funding support in December 2018 for the Pre Build Development work to be completed.


PPA draft issued in November 2017 agreed upon Mid 2019. Possible Build start date late 2019 & operational October or 2020.

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Poland Conference

Sir David Attenborough Speach

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Renewable Energy

New tidal power projects around the Isle of Wight were to be created as a result of PTEC, but this has failed.  PSECC Ltd are trying to assist with successful deployment of water trubines in the area and negotiations have and are taking place to try and assist PTEC in 2019.


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Our experience

Our current partners in the waste sector are NCE in Oman and General Electric (GE) in the USA. Past partners have been British Gas and we have worked with SSE, PowerGen, Oyynx, OKay Engineering, Freetricity, Arup, Sunpower, Scott Wilson, Mott McDonald, Dulas, Carbon Trust, Vital Energie and Atkins Power.

Twenty three years experience in Energy, Renewable's & Waste.       We have Researched and helped write one of the first UK City Energy Policies in 1995 under Agenda 21 Sustainable Energy programming for Portsmouth City Council.


We have to assess risks to investment and political stability of a Country or client and Energy company Off Tacker together with PPA and FIT payments before we can finance a project.

The Circular Economy is a target for all Societies to acheive. The circular economy starts with more Renewable Energy - to the right - what could be possible for Portsmouth - Wind Turbines and all other Renewable Energy projects that will eleviate fuel poverty.

We were until five years ago a Not-for-Profit organisation and then launched PSECC Ltd & PSECC Solar Farms Ltd and Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd in Ghana and the UK.




We develop Solar Farms and provide full funding and technology providers for EPC. Ghana - Simbrofo 20MW Solar Farm we are working closely with the UK Government REPP on this project and have their support.

PSECC Ltd are amongst the first developers in Ghana and Kenya for Solar Farms in those Countries. PTL Enterprises in Ghana are our consultants for the 20MW Solar Farm at Simbrofo.


Reduction to Landfill by 100% - Zero Emissions

Since 1997 PSECC have pioneered new Waste Management practices and technologies such as Gasification of Waste & Integrated Waste Management Plants. Our plants come with 100% funding packages.

Waste Management in Developing Countries & beyond - Gasification & Integrated Waste Management Plants. We are Technical Advisors to Ghanergize Power Ltd - First Ghana WtE plant goes live - July 2018


Since 1997 PSECC have pioneered new Waste Management practices and technologies such as Gasification of Waste & Integrated Waste Management Plants - totally 100% funded.  Upto 70% funding available from Oman and a further 30% funding via Ghanalight.


In 2017 PSECC Ltd have partnered with the USA company Natcore Inc in New York USA to take forward Solar Farms developments.

PSECC Solar farms hope also to be active in Australia.


Curcular economy
Chinese solar farm
Gas 27

PSECC Solar Farms Ltd

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Ghanergize Power Ltd

For further details of the work of our Ghanergize Power Ltd company please view the following website -

Ghana- 100MW Solar Farm Volta Region

Two 50MW Solar Farms at NSUTA-BUEM - Kadjebi

Ghana- 20MW Solar Farm at Simbrofo

20MW Solar Farm at Simbrofo in Central Region